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Student Housing In Toronto

Courtney Said:

what to do about being pregnant?

We Answered:

You only have 3 options.

#1. Have and keep your baby.
#2. Have your baby and give it up for adoption
#3. Terminate your pregnancy.

You sound like you want your baby, but you're concerned with living arrangements and money, everyone's opinion, school.... That's normal to re-evaluate your life to make it more favorable for your baby. If you ask me... The baby is going to change everything... and change is scary, but once you have the baby you will adjust. And you may have to make sacrifices, but you will want to for your baby's best interest. If I were in your situation, I'd let the student housing go, save up some money, move, and hope for the best. Once the baby arrives you can hit up resources like food stamps, wic and medicaid if you must. There is a way where there is a will.

If you can not handle the stress of changing your life, consider option 2.

Good luck... And remember, you can do this if you choose to.

Dale Said:

Where could I take my landlord to court in Toronto, Canada?

We Answered:

The extra 100$ you paied was a illigal thing the landlord did.

THE ONLY charge a landlord can ask for is last months rent , which can ONLY be used for last months rent. Not damages, key free, anything. So the 100, was just money they took from you.

A landlord doesn't have the right to give you back the last months rent, they must however apply it to your last month there.

If you want your 100$ back as well as charge him for damageing your property, entering your area without concent, go to the landlord tennant board, as you still are protected under it. Lease just means a fixed term contract.

If this person says you "can't leave" because it wasn't 60 days, thats BS. You gave knowtice, and you know that, go about your time till its time to leave , then leave, you owe them nothing, and chances are they aren't even gonna waste time taking you to court.

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