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Student Housing In York

Kelly Said:

Student looking for housing in NYC, short-term summer..?

We Answered:

Your best bet is craigslist - look for students needing to sublet their apt for summer. If you were enrolled in a summer program at a uni in NYC, you probably could get help from the housing office.

Don't expect anything "cheap" in NYC - and it DOES matter a great deal which borough and which neighborhood you are in. Nowhere in NYC is really "safe," but many neighborhoods are far better than others. You need a lot of street smarts in NYC, and learn how to protect yourself. It is imperative that you pay attention to what you are doing, where you are going, and what's going on around you at all times. Distraction, confusion, uncertainty make you an instant mark.

Plan on at least $1000-1200 for a room in a flat share with other students, and you may need to pay your share of utilities on top of that. You really should plan on at least $1500 housing, $400 food (if you can cook at home), $300 transportation (bus/subway), $50-100 for a fairly low-key night out. You can burn through $3000-4000/month in nothing flat if you are fairly frugal. NYC is a dressy city, and can be quite formal depending on your milieu. If you are working, even as an intern, in legal, accounting, financial, etc, bring your Brooks Brothers or Armani suits and make sure your shoes are military-polished.

Phyllis Said:

what are the alternatives for a college student that wants to move but has no money?

We Answered:

Look, realistically everyone is extremely tight for money. And moving to Spain or New York is definitely not the smart choice if you have NO MONEY.
Yes, there are schools that offer financial aid. But most don't do that for dorming. I've only seen it done a few times and that was for EXCEPTIONAL students. I'm not saying you aren't. But I don't know how you are academically.
You need to maybe move to a school in state but in a desired city. Why? Because moving anywhere out of state is going to kill you economically as well. Best of luck and definitely do some more research.

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