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Student Housing Jobs

Marsha Said:

Wanting to know the best deals for Kiwis making a move to Oz in terms of schooling, housing and jobs.?

We Answered:

If u have citizenship then u automatically pay the local costs however you can not just moved to Australia and go to school as u now need a visa n passport when coming over here

As for best schools depends what subjects

Act is very small and not much to do the best uni for bussiness is Sydney university for trades ( hairdresser child care mechinic ect) is maquarie which is in syd act uni is best for science

Herbert Said:

Does financial aid pay for student housing?

We Answered:

Financial aid usually covers only your tuition, plus living expenses. What is left over after paying tuition is usually given to you in one lump sum. That's the portion you use for living expenses. How much you get depends on the grant, sholarship, or loan you recieve. You can go to your financial aid office and speak to someone about getting more loan money if you need that. You may also still be able to apply for some loans for this year.

Carla Said:

Student Housing Contracts. Can't find a replacement, am i able to get out of the contract?

We Answered:

Do you have a tenancy agreement for the property? What does it say about moving out before the end of the agreed tenancy period? You need to follow what's laid out there, or speak to your landlord to see if they'll consider coming to another arrangement. If you have a rolling month-to-month tenancy, it should be enough to give 30 days notice at the beginning of the next rental month. Otherwise, you need to find a replacement (if you've already tried avenues like try Gumtree or Spare Room, ask somebody if they could put a notice up on a board at your old uni or even try contacting Student Services - sometimes they keep lists of accomodation available and give that info to other students looking).

It might be a good idea to take your contract/tenancy agreement to Citizen's Advice or council Housing Services and have somebody read it through for you and give proper advice based on that.

Josephine Said:

College student Job away from home with housing.?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

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