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Student Housing Kent

Earl Said:

Can I live on campus at Kent with my boyfriend if I'm not a student, or do we have to live off campus?

We Answered:

Some schools have on-campus apartments, these are usually for non-traditional students, graduate students, or married students. If that's where he'll be, then yes you can probably live there too. But, if he's going to live in the dorms then, no you wouldn't be able to live with him since they would be same sex rooms for students only.

Carolyn Said:

Student Accomodation help please?

We Answered:

Your best bet would be to google the local letting agents and see what they have on their books. It depends if you want a small one bedroom flat for just the two of you or a shared house with others from your uni. There would be nothing to stop you and your boyfriend each renting a room and using one as a bedroom and one as a sitting room in a house share for more people. It doesn't work if you have two people in a share using just the one bedroom, as the other person never pays the full amount and this leads to problems with the rest of the group.
The other problem, if you share with others is they usually want to give up the share after a year, so you have to keep moving. Depending on if you are hoping to get jobs in the new area, and not planning to go back home for all the holidays, you may be better telling the agents that you are after a longer let, if you can afford to keep a place going for the whole year and more.

Anne Said:

Kent Law School student would like to know the best area to live with family?

We Answered:

I moved out of state to an area I never had been to before. Start by looking up apartment searches online and find an apartment as close to your collage as possible. I think some are or or Also if you can find an apartment locator's in the area you would like to move to and call them they could tell you about the area. A trip to explore the area would also be a good idea. I also did research on the area I was interested in moving to. When you go to the apartments you can ask them if they have more families or college students. I would move where there are more family's, students love to party and are loud all hours of the night and day. You can go to yahoo local and find out where stores, banks, hospitals and schools are located in the area you want to move to.

The address of Kent Law School is 565 West Adams Street Chicago, IL 60661-3691
I did a search at and the apartment within a 5 mile radius start at $800.00…

Terri Said:

Was this self defense?

We Answered:

No what you did would not constitute self-defense. The reason why is because you didn't take the necessary precautionary steps that the government/court system would expect of an individual. They are always reviewing how someone could eliminate an escalating incident. What you did is noble and respectable, but you also could have got seriously beat along side this other kid. One of them could have had a weapon....Anyways, the court would of wanted you to call the police immediately. The guys were not attacking you at all, and unless you could think they were going to administer serious bodily harm or kill the guy, you are not in your right to defend him. Some dirty-rat lawyers would probably sue you and your parents for hitting their kid....that's the advanced legal system for you. Not advanced enough though.

So you could only call self-defense if it was for your own protection, and even then you could only use force with reasonable proportion to the attack. If they were going to kill him you could also of gotten off, but that's not how it seemed to have gone down.

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