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Student Housing Leeds

Cindy Said:

Should I study abroad in Dublin or Leeds?

We Answered:

Scotland is in Britain. Don't bother coming here if you're going to be that ignorant.

Toni Said:

Does anyone know of any good 'traditional' pubs in the Leeds or West Yorkshrire area?

We Answered:

Whitlock's, in central Leeds. Grove Inn, Leeds (especially on a folk song night). Both pubs in Dent village (The Sun; I forget the name of the other).

And is the dear old City Varieties still open? What an environment for photography! The mirrors in the bar - riffs on the Toulouse-Lautrec and Degas paintings! Can you get a girl to dress up in Edwardian gear and come with you?

Adam Said:

what documents i need for a UK spouse visa?

We Answered:

Question 1 - No the UK does not recognise marriage by proxy unless it takes place in two countries where it is recognised. You cannot marry over the telephone.

Question 2 - To marry in the UK, you would need to apply for a fiance visa. Your immigration and criminal track record and the fact that you were removed a month ago, mean that it is extremely unlikely that you would be granted one.

Question 3 - 6 months payslips should be provided.

Question 4 - You are highly unlikely to be granted a spouse visa given your track record. Not only have you violated immigration rules on many occasions, you have also committed serious crimes, at least once resulting in a prison sentence. You will not be considered to be a person of good character.

Question 5 - Ask the BHC in Islamabad.

Question 6 - The important thing here is that she can prove that she can support you without recourse to public funds. If she is on any benefits at all, you will not get a visa as if she cannot support herself without recourse to public funds then she cannot support another person.

Question 7 - you must be able to prove that you have accommodation for your own exclusive use, so a room is fine as long as nobody else shares it. You must have the written permission from the landlord agreeing to you living there. The students are exempt from council tax but she isn't, she should be paying council tax and this will certainly be picked up in the application. Students living in a house does not exempt all the occupants from paying.

Question 8 - No you will not pass a CRB check and will therefore not be able to obtain a taxi licence. On your own admission here there are at least four separate convictions or cautions that would show up on a CRB check. One of them was a substantial prison sentence, you don't say for what, a drug offence and two counts of deception. You also say you have traffic offences on record. Your criminal record and your driving licence must be clean to get a taxi licence. You don't stand a chance.

Question 9 - Your chance of getting a visa is non existent.

Stella Said:

help can some one help correct my work?

We Answered:

1. The new FILM directed by RIDLEY SCOTT showing at the ODEON is GLADIATOR. - 4 (Film is a noun.)

2. The SUN was shining brightly yesterday. - 1 (Yesterday is an adverb in this sentence.)

3. The SUN is shining brightly over LEEDS not WAKEFIELD. - 3

4. My NAME is MARK but you can call me MJ. - 3 (MJ acts as a proper noun)

5. The furry feline QUADRUPTED reclined upon the floor COVERING - 2 (''Feline' here is used as an adjective. Floor is also used as an adjective.)

6. The BIRD perched on the BRANCH of the TREE singing his beautiful SONG. - 4 (Song is also a noun.)

7. The beautiful PICTURE in the gold FRAME hangs on the WALL in the KITCHEN. - 4

8. Although OSAKA is big, TOKYO is, in fact, the largest CITY in JAPAN. - 4

9. The STUDENTS in the CLASS listened carefully to the TEACHER. - 3

10. I have 3000 CDs. 300 MDs and 150 DVDs in my COLLECTION in my HOUSE. - 5 (Collection is a noun.)

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