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Student Housing London

Marshall Said:

Study Abroad in London Spring 2008?

We Answered:

I studied in London for five weeks during the summer of 2004, and the cost was astronomical. I wasn't staying at a university, so there was no cafeteria. Just on food I know I spent about a thousand dollars, or about 500 pounds. I did eat out at restaurants often, but I also cooked food in the kitchen of my housing unit as well. If you want to find out the exact travel costs from the UK to the continent, check out The Trainline website. I would suggest you get the under 26 multiple country unlimited fare pass if you plan to travel a lot. It will save you big time if you use it well! Also, present your student ID at every available opportunity- some restaurants will give you 10% off! And keep ALL of your receipts. You can get rebates for VAT that you pay during your trip by going to the proper desk at the airport on your way home. I would make sure you have at least 2500 dollars for your trip. You could do it on less, but err on the side of caution. While we were on a weekend excursion to Germany, one of my friends lost his return ticket to London. The cost of an on-the-spot airfare to London from Berlin set him back over 400 dollars since it was one way.

Jerome Said:

Suffering from Council Housing Refurbishment Taking Place in My Building (London, UK)?

We Answered:

I doubt very much, there are certain times of day when you can make noise and 8-30 till 5 is well within the range,

Boatman is correct-pack lunch and library(of course this means getting out of bed)

Lorraine Said:

How to Live Cheap In London?

We Answered:

The cheaper the accomodation, the more dangerous the area, because low lifes also look for cheap accomodation.
Better to pay a little more and flat share, and be safer.

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