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Student Housing Management

Duane Said:

An opportunity for terrible money management?

We Answered:

From strictly an investment standpoint, it's a good idea to pay off any debts that charge a higher rate than any interest or returns on your money.

i.e. If you have a loan and pay 7%, it is wise to pay it off if your cash/investments are only making you 5%, but wise to NOT pay it off if your cash/investments are making you 8%.

From a personal finance standpoint, it's always wise to have reserves. Money saved up for those incedentals, like a car repair, home repair or anything like that. The old cliche that was always used was 3 months worth of living expenses should be saved up just in case. Plus many people think they've made a big step when they pay-off a debt like that, but will usually end up replacing that debt with something else shortly after since it's now available to them.

So overall, it depends on your situation. There is no real cut and dry answer for this.

Troy Said:

Breaking student housing lease? Affect credit?

We Answered:

If you pay the fee, everyone will be happy, and the management will not sue you for a breech of contract.

If you do move without paying it, they can come after you for not paying rent, and for breaching the contract, and other court costs, which will go on your credit report and stay there as a big negative for 10 years. I would just pay the fees and move on.

Charlene Said:

What are the apartment management fees in the Illinois State University campus area?

We Answered:

Should be about 8%

Catherine Said:

How can I get my apartment complex to agree to offer recycling options to its residents?

We Answered:

Organise a petition and get as many residents to sign it as you can. With everyones support, you could demand it. Power To The People!

Leslie Said:

How can i make a daily times management ? and How can I accomodate it daily ?

We Answered:

These time management tips might help:…

Allan Said:

How to get rid of a roomate?

We Answered:

This site is for community service and I'm not sure how your question qualifies. I think that you should complain to the student housing administrators and if that doesn't work, ask to transfer to another room. Hope this helps.

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