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Student Housing Manhattan

Rachel Said:

Student housing money?

We Answered:

The only grants that might be available to you would be federal grants that are based on income. If you haven't filled out the FAFSA do that now. If you weren't offered any grants from that, then there are no other grants. It doesn't matter if you live on or off-campus, you qualify for the same aid either way.
Did you apply for scholarships? If not, then it's too late for university scholarships because the application was due in February. Otherwise, check out private scholarships.
If all that fails, then there are student loans and workstudy.
There are no scholarships at K-state specific for pre-vet students living off-campus. Actually, there are very few scholarships available for pre-vet students in general which sucks because vet school is so expensive and the last thing you want to do is take out too many loans for your undergraduate work.

Victor Said:

What is student life in Manhattan like?

We Answered:

New York College life greatly depends on where your going. Most colleges will have a campus where you will feel at home but once you get out of there it truly is a concrete jungle. As for transportation you wont need a car. You have taxis, buses, and trains which will take you anywhere. Students tend to bind together more closely in City Colleges because they can walk from class to class and then have the biggest variety of cafe's and restaurants to go to. As for housing costs you will most likely have an apartment which you can have a roommate or go alone with. Costs vary greatly and can accommodate pretty much everyone. New York City is a great place to learn!
Good Luck

Glen Said:

How do i pay for the dorm/student housing?

We Answered:

Yes, dorm cost is included in your registration and fees. You'll get a statement from the university a couple weeks after classes start.

Consider *very* carefully the cost of a dorm versus an apartment. Almost without exception, living in a dorm turns out to be cheaper than living off campus.

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