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Student Housing Melbourne

Ross Said:

How to convince parents for education in Australia?

We Answered:

Well first of all congrats on getting into all the universities, especially University of NSW and Sydney which I think are the best in Sydney so great work! Well Australia.. it is actually really hard to get easy permanent residence, like EXTREMELY but seeing as your young I'm almost positive you will be successful in getting that :). Hmm well it is your life so it should be your decision... i know thats not very convincing but at least its the truth! I don't go to uni yet, but ive talked to so many people who have, in Australia in Uni, you get a lot of work and assignments and exams. It is hard work (harder than high school), so that can be a way to encourage your parents because it will seriously keep you working hard which is always a good thing. Sorry i can't think of anything else, but hope you get to come to Australia! Great place, nice atmosphere, the koalas and the kangaroos will be waiting for your arrival haha :)

Kevin Said:

Nicest city in FL to live?

We Answered:

You can log on to and write type zip codes. usually residents from areas write down information about the neighborhood good luck

Cassandra Said:

Skilled Migration to Australia and Employment Opportunities?

We Answered:

If you can afford to do so, you would be well advised to come here and do your Masters but only a 2 year course will give you any direct benefit when it comes to getting a visa. 2 years of Australian study earns valuable points on the points test: more visa classes are available to you and of course it also gives you longer to get relevant employment and Australian work experience during your studies. Having an Australian Masters gained from any course length will however make you more employable here. An inexperienced, recent overseas graduate will find it very hard to find work in Australia at present.

Australia has been affected by the credit crunch and overall world economic situation and many large private construction projects have been put on hold or cancelled. On the positive side, the commonwealth and several state governments have committed tens of billions to major infrastructure projects in order to stimulate the economy and increase employment opportunities. Also positive is the fact that our Critical Skills List (CSL) was recently updated and Civil Engineer is still on there which is a reasonable indication that work is still available for experienced professionals.

Justin Said:

cost of living in Australia?

We Answered:

First off you would not find a university in a extremely rural place, extremely rural is outback like in the Northern Territory.
The cost of living in Sydney is rather high but it would still be high if you were to live by yourself no matter what city you wanted to live in unless you went right out into the suburbs.
Tuition would depend on the university you end up going to and what you study as they are different and I am not sure what it is for an international student. Most universities have live on campus accommodation or accommodation near them, I know that here in Perth a friend of my is paying $370 aud a week for his room but he also has all his breakfast and dinner included plus his room cleaned twice weekly.
Clothing it depends on what you want to how much you end up paying and where you shop.
Check out the universities and what they offer:…
that will take you to a list of universities here check out the ones that appeal to you, the university year has already started here as of this week or last week.

Jim Said:

De Facto visa from Australian girlfriend / boyfriend?

We Answered:

No, I'm afraid that you would have no chance of meeting the cohabitation requirements for a de facto Partner visa. You really do have to have lived together in an exclusive marriage like relationship for a full 12 months and there is no way that it could be said that you've done that. Allowing unmarried partners to get partner visas is a major concession on the part of countries that allow it (the USA for example doesn't) and it's perfectly reasonable that people should be required to prove their commitment to each other by actually living together - married people live together so why not de factos?

You've been in a relationship for 3 years now so what's the problem with getting married? If you're serious enough to expect Australia to give you a Partner visa, you should be serious enough to marry if you genuinely want to be together. No prior cohabitation is required for married partners though they are expected to live together after their marriage - that's what married people do.

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