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Student Housing Minneapolis

Daisy Said:

I need housing for one week in Minneapolis MN (July 17 to July 23, 2011).?

We Answered:

Try the site below.

Milton Said:


We Answered:

It's a real school, and schools that are not division 1 do contact players through email in other sports. When I played hockey teams contacted me through scouts, but occasionally I did receive legit things in the mail or phone calls.

It's a private for-profit school and tuition is pretty expensive at about $20k per year. It is ranked 2nd tier, so it is pretty good apparently. The person's email is the same as the one listed for the school. On their site the guy is listed as a goaltender/assistant coach. I don't know if that is true about their scholarship offer. I think it depends on when you accept the offer on whether you are allowed to transfer to a different school. I would give him a call or email if you are trying to play soccer in college.

Nathaniel Said:

Is there an "in-between" when it comes to price and quality photography?

We Answered:

They're locaqted in Eden Prairie, so they should have less overhead than some of the firms located in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Viola Said:

Which dog would be best for me?

We Answered:

In my opinion Labrador Retrievers are always a good bet,
- Minimal shedding
- Easy to train
- LOVES you
- Friendly to kids and other dogs
- Good watchdog (not usually guard dog)
... the list goes on and on.

If you don't mind shedding then a Golden retriever would also be a great companion. But as an owner of one I can tell you that taking the dog to the groomers every once and a while is necessary to keep the shedding from getting out of hand. Other than that, marvelous animals!

Pit bull, Staffordshire bull terrier, or my personal favorite some kind a mix you could pick up at the pound, are all great options.

Good luck :)

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