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Bobbie Said:

is my mom playing favorites?

We Answered:

To me it sounds like your mother doesn't understand that you're trying your best. She thinks you're not applying yourself, and that you can do better than what you're doing.

Brittany Said:

Can someone please help me stand up for myself?!?

We Answered:

Unless you were formally charged with burglary and convicted and sentenced in court, thereby creating a criminal record for yourself, there is no reason why any nursing school should not accept you. Schools and employers dont listen to hearsay which is what that would be should someone say something which can also land them in a court of law should you choose to persue it for slander, defamation of character. These people just need to get over this and let you move on. You definitely dont need to lower yourself and convince them that you didnt do it, thats the courts job. Tell them if theyre so damn sure then tell it to the Judge otherwise let it die. You dont need to stand up here to them or anyone else. Use the courts to retrieve your cat as they have no legal reason to keep him, as long as you can have the cat where you stay now. So dont sweat the small stuff here as most of this is exactly that. God knows you didnt do it and thats all that matters. Persue your dreams and dont let anyone especially these people stop you. Theres always a way and I know your honesty and integrity will take you far in the medical profession. Just use people that will give you a good character reference anywhere you need to and forget the rest. If you ever need someone to talk to or have further questions, my email address is and Ill be glad to help you anytime as I have so many others like yourself so please feel free to email me. I really would like to see you make a success of yourself if nothing more than to show these people just how wrong they really are about you. Good luck, my young friend

Glenda Said:

Where should I spend the holidays this year? (serious question)?

We Answered:

wow! you have a chance to go somewhere that most people don't get to go! I know it means missing some things but from what I just read I think you will regret giving up the opportunity. This is going to give you something that you will remember for the rest of your many birthdays and Christmas' with your family do you remember all the details about? There will be more b'days and holidays but who knows if you'll ever get this chance again.
My vote is Go For It!!

Paul Said:

To travel or Not travel to Peru in december?

We Answered:

Take the opportunity and travel..... Last year I was in your situation however I left 2 days after Christmas and m birthday was 2 weeks after. I landed in Peru totally impulse met my friend and had the best time ever for 4 months. I am an only child and well my parents were dead set against me being gone for so long. But fact is you gotta live your life and take opportunities as they come so in the end you will have no sholda, woulda, coulda. As in all places becareful where you eat, if going up in the Andes get acclimatized, be aware of your surroundings and you will have fun and a trip that would be forever memorable. I spent 2 months in Cusco, 2 weeks in Arequipa, 3 weeks in Mancora and the rest just going to other places.
I was 22 at the time also when I travelled and would do it again if i had to do it over. Take the opportunity!

Carolyn Said:


We Answered:

The one thing I don't see here is you saying that you are trying your hardest. If you are absolutely doing the best you can: finishing and turning in every single assignment, reading your texts, asking questions when you don't understand, managing your time well, preparing for tests, and taking advantage of all the help that is offered, then you know you are trying hard enough. That should be good enough for you. Your mom may or may not be playing favorites, but that's out of your control. Focus on what you can do for yourself, and move on.

Julio Said:

was Luies Riel a good person or bad? social 10?

We Answered:

Your teacher asked you to write an essay classifying Riel as a "good" or "bad" person? You should tell your teacher that categorizing Riel, or any person, like that is a rather idiotic question. And by the way, write your own conclusion/paragraph by looking at what you've learnt. The answer is in the above information you've added!

Edgar Said:

What does my dream mean?

We Answered:

Usually the dreams are about solid emotion. Especially the ones you remember. Strong solid emotion that stays with you. The events in the dream may somewhat mirror your life. But you have a choice so if you want to go ahead and get preggo, then go ahead, but if you want to see this as a warning you can go that way to.

Good Luck!

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