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Student Housing Ottawa

Willard Said:

If you were me, which university would you choose?

We Answered:

The acceptance rates for each university is purely based on supply and demand (i.e- how many people have applied to the program), so if you were accepted into both universities, I wouldn't worry about their entrance cutoffs.

I'm going to UofT this September, mostly for convenience (it's less than an hour away form me), reputation, and course selection. If you want to go away for university, that's completely up to you.

I would just like to say one thing though: I believe that York U has signed some sort of contract, and they won't be going on strike for a while. It was rumored that the other universities in Ontario might go on strike in 2010.

If I were you, I would compare the program at each university. What program did you apply for at each university? Which university has more course selection, overall quality of teachers? Can you afford to live on residence for 3-4 years? The choice is up to you.

Good Luck! :)

Billy Said:

do older students stay in res.?

We Answered:

I think (I THINK) first years can stay there, so if it's going to be your first time, you can stay there for your first year.

I don't think you should rely on any of the answers here. Go check the website. If it's unclear about that policy, then just email them or call student services and double check.…

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