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Student Housing Paris

Marie Said:

Nice housing options for American grad student in Paris?

We Answered:

If what you want is and organization or website that provides cheap, spacious, comfortable. and centrally located private apartments for graduate students then the fact is you're not going to find it because it doesn't exist.

The basic apartment strategy in Paris is to look out from the center or up to the top of Hausman era apartments for a 5th or 6th floor walk up.

The Paris real estate market isn't as organized as the market in most major American cities and renting an apartment is considerably more of a hassle than in the USA. You should give very serious consideration to employing a real estate agent.

Jeffrey Said:

Student staying in Paris for over 6 months, and good housing suggestions?

We Answered:

I doubt you'll find much with those requirements...Paris is VERY expensive and when I was searching for studios when I lived there my agent suggested a starting point of 750. Your university or study abroad program should give you some places to look, and possibly screen homestays for you.

If possible I would recommend staying in a hotel or hostel for the first week or two, and make an appointment with a rental agent immediately. If you're not familiar with standard French rental terms you may want some help navigating the markets. You may also wish to get a feel for the city and the areas where you'd be living before making a decision.

There are many rental websites you can look at to see what you're up against. is a very popular one but there are others.

Dustin Said:

Where in il de france is safe to live out side of paris?

We Answered:

You can live reasonably frugally in the Parisian suburbs. Get somewhere near a metro station and you're anywhere you need to be in minutes. some of the Citotel's offer student accomodation at very good rates during the academic year and each room has a small kitchenette and study area so there's no need to spend a small frotune on eating out.

Leon Said:

where is it safe for an american student to live in il de france (beside paris)?

We Answered:

I suggest you consult CROUS (Centre régional des oeuvres universitaires et scolaires), the organization which assists students in various ways including advising as to lodging.The website for the Paris branch is

I also second the remarks made by Wise Owl. The French are far more formal about language than Americans. Don't make yourself look foolish.

Marcia Said:

I want to go to a fashion school abroad..prefer Italy or Paris, tips needed on financial help....?

We Answered:

I can't help you out with regards to Italy but definitely about Paris.
Consult the official website of the French government for international students, and in case if you are in the USA, use . That site contains all information regarding scholarships, housing, universities and visa formalities. Contact their office in your nation. They will assist you free of charge.

All the best!

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