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Student Housing San Francisco

Vivian Said:

A temporary housing for a student?

We Answered:

Hi Leo.

Yeah, craigslist is your best bet, but it will take time to sift through and find something that fits your needs.

You can also try which is a site where folks in private housing provide folks seeking temporary accommodations (they're not always couches). I'm not sure about the age limit either.

Good luck- if I had enough room here I would invite you for a weekend. Housing here is very expensive!

Bonne chance!

D'ou vien's tu?

Byron Said:

What are the payments for University of San Francisco?

We Answered:

Maybe someone should give a enedina a call

Linda Said:

How hard is it to get into San Fransisco State University? How hard is it to make a living in SF as a student?

We Answered:

You can live in Hayward. Just across the Bay Bridge.

Kimberly Said:

Dose FAFSA cover the cost of living in student housing at the Academy of Art u(SF)?

We Answered:

For the four years that I attended college, I received just enough or a little more to cover from tuition to housing. My finanical award usually consisted of the university, Federal, and state grants and two loans that doesn't need to be repaid until 6 -12 months after graduating. The ratio between grants and loans really depends on your and your parents' income (mostly parents' if you are a dependent). I had friends who who were on the lower end of the income, received alot of grants and only need to borrow a small amout for each year. I also had friends who received only loans and that were needed to be paid while you are attending school.

Brad Said:

Any students/graduates of University of San Francisco? Housing question?

We Answered:

I know the area somewhat. It's pretty expensive. However, you can live with roommates is a different part of SF. Best to get a roommate finder or just hop on craigslist and look for cheap housing (and expect what you pay for).

Angel Said:

Finding a stable residence near SFSU (San Francisco State University)?

We Answered:

every college "that I know of" has a student services dept.
Part of their services include listings of apts.

Luck to you, SF is one of the more expensive places in CA to
live--I lived there in 64.

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