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Student Housing Santa Barbara

Lucille Said:

Which UC college do you think I should choose?

We Answered:

Hello. UCSD c/o 04 here.

This is my personal opinions, and it may sound a little biased.

Getting an acceptance from Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD means that your study skills are excellent.

So, forget Irvine and Santa Barbara (no offense to Irvine and SB. This is purely a personal opinion).

If I were you, the decision would depend on where you live geographically. I would personally choose a campus that is close from your home-home.

You may first want to get away from your home-home, but as you spend a year or two, you will begin to appreciate where you grew up.
Housings are horrible in any UC, except for UC Santa Cruz, where they gurantee 2 year housings.

Other than that, here are some points I know that may help you make the decision.

UCSD is a great choice, especially if you are considering in Engineering or Biological Science. It's a huge campus, and the weather is generally nice (except during the finals week. it's cursed, I tell you, it's cursed). But I had some friends who complained that San Diego is a boring city.

UCLA is my personal recommendation here. Great campus, great faculties, and bunch of weird people to hang around with. Minus side would be the weather, and the traffic.

Berkeley has a great education. If you are considering to major in Chemistry, this is the place. Problem with this one is that it's in semester program, so you won't get to hang out with your old friends who are in quarter system. I wouldn't recommend it, though.

Overall, my recommendation would be
3. Berkeley.

Also, if you're planning to apply for med school after graduation, I would highly recommend you to major in science and minor in English or literature. Trust me, it will help you greatly.

Good luck!

Nicole Said:

Which UC is best for me: Berkeley, UCLA, or Santa Barbara?

We Answered:

Wait, how did you find out about UCSB?! I thought weren't suppose to find out until March 22nd.

To answer your question, go to Berkeley, it's an amazing school with a wonderful amount of diversity and beauty.

Virgil Said:

Santa Barbara City College/Isla Vista?

We Answered:

I think I probably would. It is about a 20 minute drive from Isla Vista to City College, so you will probably need to try to plan your classes to minimize driving back and forth.

Leroy Said:

What California Universities have the best on campus housing?

We Answered:

ucr (riverside) has a nice new dorm that has suites. it is called Pentland. if you can get into that dorm, i would highly recommend it. pentland has gyms, food, tons of amenities. the other 2 dorms on campus are very old fashioned (2 to a room, unless you have a single).

cal st san bernardino is not known for great housing.

that's all i know. good luck.

Clarence Said:

Santa Barbara CC/FontaineBleu apartments?

We Answered:

1 installment means you pay for the whole year upfront. 10 installments means you pay monthly during the school year. 2 installments mean you pay 1/2 upfront and then the other 1/2 midway through the year.

If you add it up, you will pay the same amount (for the school year) no matter which option you choose. Sometimes it is cheaper if you pay upfront.

Franklin Said:

Housing in Manhattan, NY for MUD students?

We Answered:

Check this list of apartments in New York, may you'll find the right one for you!!…

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