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Student Housing Solution

Frances Said:

Any suggestions for a temporary lock for my student house bedroom?

We Answered:

You should be able to replace the door handle with one that locks from the outside with a key. They run about $20 bucks from most any Home Depot or Lowe's.

This won't affect the door and can be removed when you move out, allowing you to put the original one back in. If the "administration" is concerned about being able to get into your room if absolutely necessary, you can leave a key with the campus police.

Katie Said:

Should American Tech workers pay for Greenspan's housing bubble?

We Answered:

The support for the program has nothing to do with the housing bubble it is just an excuse. All companies want to keep wages down and have powerful lobbyist in government to promote their cause. Is it any wonder the US students are not majoring in science and engineering in large numbers any more. Anyone smart enough to succeed in these fields is smart enough to put their talents to use in other fields where they will not have to compete with low paid labor.

Tyrone Said:

Privacy violation in housing area for students. What should I do?

We Answered:

For what I understood, you repeated your question in German!!!
Ear-say, isn't always truth. How do they sneak on you? On your pc? Coming inside your flat? What's on your pc, put your stuff on disks in thin envelope (cheap), carry them with you. If they physically come in your flat, buy a small tape-recorder, voice-activated, put it in not visible place. You'll then get the voice of who is doing this.
To think of:: Do you have a record? Is there any reason why someone would want to know about your private life? A girlfriend left in your Country, who would be that jealous? And which way are you observed? Camera? Being followed? Anything taking off your flat? It can also be a prank. Do you refuse to participate in something and it would be sort of a pay-back that is made to unnerved you? Unless you're wanted for something, this is definitely "invasion of privacy".
If you want to know who and why, you need a bit of work!!!
Hope I could help. Good luck!

Glenda Said:

A student who is consiering housing option for next semester, cost, proximity to campus, and square feet?

We Answered:

B. relevant variables

These are factors that should be considered in making a decision about where to live.

Shirley Said:

Student house: but we all want to play poker!?

We Answered:

You are going to have a hard time doing this. My friend just got banned because he and his wife have accounts at the same house. Now he is having to get himself unbanned.

Online poker rooms want to prevent cheating. Clearly if all of you sit at the same table along with other people, you could cheat, and they don't want that.

Maybe you should just play real life poker when you are together.

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