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Student Housing Solutions

Rosa Said:

Girlfriend is getting expelled from college. Any solutions?

We Answered:

Find a new girlfriend! One who cares about her future and doesn't get EXPELLED from college. She sounds like trouble.

Samantha Said:

Why do banks require a co signer on a deferred student loan when you may remove them after 18-24 mo?

We Answered:

I don't think that you can get them removed! LOL!

Sarah Said:

Private student loan debt?

We Answered:

You should call the lender directly and ask if it is possible to lower your payments. I called Sallie Mae and asked them if I could lower my monthly payments and they did. The only problem if you do that is it extends the life of the loan. You'll be paying less each month, but it will take more years to pay off the loan in full because you stretched out the payments. I don't know anything about Chase, but good luck. There is a ton of info on the web about student loan debt. You can also look for a credit counselor who can talk to you about your repayment options.

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