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Student Housing Southampton

Tommy Said:

what to look out out for (problems) when renting a house?

We Answered:

Ha, I moved into a place and noticed problems here are my problems and be sure that you test them out before moving in...

make sure the locks on ur windows work, and the window doesn't fall foward when you try to open it....
make sure the toilet flushes everything at once., or that it'll flush down anything at all.
if there are any appliances....make sure they are up to date,..,,
check the pipes for leaks (i dont got that prob ..but just incase)
make sure your neightbors below u arent jerks.
make sure the heat heat didn't work for 3 weeks when i moved in!!
good luck

Debra Said:

Who is liable first, the tenants or the guarantor?

We Answered:

All the answers to your questions will be in the tenancy agreement itself, and anything on here will only be a guess as to what is most likely.

If you have a joint tenancy then you are "jointly and severally" liable for the rent. Which means that the landlord can ask any or all of you to pay the entire amount due. If someone has gone away the landlord is far more likely to ask the three of you still there to pay up.

If the tenancy is joint, then each guarantor is probably guaranteeing the whole amount as well. Which means that, for example, your guarantor could be asked to pay for anything not paid by the guy who has left.

In practice it is up to the landlord who he goes to for the money, but he is likely to take the easiest option. Obviously, you can ask him to try to contact the absent tenant's guarantor but he does not have to.

If you end up out of pocket you are entitled to sue the absent tenant to force him to reimburse you. But if that was the easiest option its likely the landlord would have done it himself.

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