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Student Housing Sydney

Jon Said:

PLEASE HELP!! How can I find an apartment in Sydney near UTS?

We Answered:

Sydney University is very close to UTS and offers a pretty handy list of accommodation options:…

Unilodge is really really close to the city campuses of UTS and has a huge student population. However, it can be relatively expensive. Of the suburbs listed only Forest Lodge and Glebe are within walking distance, the others you will need to catch a bus or train but are mostly only a short trip. and are good for general rentals.

Protections for tenants varies widely depending on whether you're characterised as a tenant, subtenant, co-tenant, boarder, or lodger. Lodgers tend to live with the house owner, boarders tend to have a room in a building with shared facilities and you have a contract with the owner directly (ie. not a sub-tenant). Boarders and lodgers have virtually no protections and any 'rights' are under a contract. Tenants, co-tenants, and sub-tenants are better off and can usually get some protection from unfair practices and can access free advice services.

If you decide to try sharing rental of a house or apartment check out the Redfern Legal Centre's sharehousing survival guide for some helpful hints and basic information:

Good luck.

Beverly Said:

Approximately how much the cost f living in Sydney per month?

We Answered:

If you're thinking of studying in Sydney you may need to know what it will cost to support yourself. Obvious things that come to mind are accommodation, food, clothes and child care.

At UTS we estimate that an international student requires a minimum of $13,000 to $16,000 for living expenses for each academic year.

Initial establishment costs for a shared apartment, such as rental bonds for accommodation, electricity, gas and telephone, could add up to at least $1,500.

Nothing in Sydney is really cheap, but remember it’s all relative

Steve Said:

Do you know any boarding or student,guest houses in sydney?

We Answered:

Perhaps contact your uni or college to see if they have recommendations. Otherwise try the Share accommodation section of or Gumtree.

Grace Said:

Can foreign students like me (above 18) buy houses in Sydney? Could you give me some details or imformation?

We Answered:

just off the top of my head, I'm not in Sydney but there's lack of water and many fires there. You might not want to "buy" there but instead move around and rent for a while.

Janice Said:

Things to Do in Sydney (For a Student)?

We Answered:

i dont care how expensive it is, you MUST climb the bridge :) its insane.

and something that is fun and gets good stories, go visit the main trainstations at 1am on a saturday. id describe it as 'lots of too little'. if you're a girl, go with at least 2 friends. (its a trainstation...its pretty easy to get to)

if you havent been clubbing for 24 hours straight, do it. some of the clubs can get pretty pyscho. (train it there and walk around, if you're wearing heels make sure you are very drunk, it can get painful).

GO TO BONDI BEACH!!! bus it there. it's getting cold, but bondi is still the bomb in winter.

go to luna park if you havent, take some mates and have a great time. (catch the ferry to right outside the entrance)

take day trips to canberra, see the opera house and go to questacon, and possibly the war memorial of you're into that.

take a bus to some tiny, small town and spend the day in a cafe or something.

go to the illawarra (try to avoid wollongong...seriously....), and hike up maquarie pass. (or you can pick one closer to home) do it with somebody who knows the paths, you can get lost pretty easy.

take a day trip to the blue mountains, fitzroy falls ( i think its spelt like that) and see Australia's finest in our trees. lol its way better than it sounds.

go to china town, and eat there and see the ayseehuns. they are mad as.

have an absolutely insane time...;-)

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