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Student Housing Tallahassee

Irma Said:

Are there any programs for day care expenses?

We Answered:

tough dilemma and a good reason for people to wait until they're finished with their studies . . . try a student loan that allows you to use the funds for child care. I still think that part-time would work better because if you're really going to spend time with your child, when do you plan to do homework. FYI for every hour in the classroom, you'll need 2-3 at least doing homework. You do the math.

Edward Said:

Tallahassee finding apartment and moving issues?

We Answered:

hey! I'm going to FSU in the fall two, but a junior undergrad. I've been on campus a few times, but not in the dorms. From what I've heard the newly renovated are nice, but you have to get a meal plan with them. FSU is surrounded by restaurants and places to eat so if you get a dorm that doesn't require the meal plan, you can still have plenty of options besides the school food.
It really depends on what you want. They have on campus apartments that the school rents out itself, and then there are apartments located near the campus that other people rent out. I don't know how much those cost, but the on campus ones are usually a little bit more than the dorms. You can go to the school website and check out the "housing" section. They have a ton of information about getting a dorm or finding an apartment. You can ask them questions too and it doesn't take long to hear a reply.

Good luck and best wishes!

addition: I got something in the mail from south gate campus centre. It's right across from the campus and the website is
you might want to check that out!

April Said:

Does anyone have a chihuahua or pug that they wanna give away in Tallahassee?

We Answered:

Hope you will find one, but please know that it costs a lot of money to take care of a dog, vet bills, food, toys, etc. Don't get one if you cannot afford an ermergency visit to the vet's, because with a dog, like with a child, you never know when an accident or illness might happen.

Sarah Said:

Trying to transfer into a Florida College with a major in Web Design?

We Answered:

Check out Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne...about 1.5 hr up the coast from pba

Lucy Said:

Landlord wants to keep rental deposit plus more!!!?

We Answered:

You're pretty much at their mercy it would end up costing more money to fight them in court. Remember next time you move into a place take pictures I made the same mistake and had to pay for things that were already a mess when we moved in.

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