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Student Housing Toronto

Ron Said:

Housing Loan, Toronto?

We Answered:

Without a steady job and income over $50,000 a year, you will not get a home loan.

Remember that buying a home costs you more than renting now, if you stay in it less than about 10 years.

The days when anyone could get a loan and you could make 20% a year are long gone with the crash. And those sort of loans were only available in the USA anyway.

Just rent a place to live. It will be a lot cheaper than house payments.

Cynthia Said:

What is the cost of an international student studying Life Science at University of Toronto?

We Answered:


That page lists the current tuition and incidental (for campus services / administration / registration) fees for international students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. These figures don't include residence costs or books/course supplies. Academic fees are the same at all the 'colleges'. Colleges differ in terms of on-campus residence fees -- some of the colleges are smaller and have fewer perks than others.

The most you could expect to pay in academic fees is a little over $23,000 Canadian Dollars for the school year (September to May). Plus, the cost of books/course supplies which are probably an additional $1000 for the school year. For off-campus housing, I'd estimate at most $1000 per month, but it really depends on which campus you choose to take the program, and your lifestyle.

Life Sciences are offered at all 3 campuses ... the St. George campus (in Downtown Toronto), UTM (in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto), and UTSC (in Scarborough, east Toronto). It's definitely a bit more pricey downtown. Since you're asking about the maximum, here's a break-down of the cost of living in Toronto:…

A lot of international students tend to stay in on-campus residences which is at most $15,000 for the school year including a meal plan.

You can find more information through the University of Toronto's International Student Centre. See:

Hope this helps.

Joann Said:

Where can I live in Toronto for 2 months?

We Answered:

well you can stay in my place im broke so I need money 150 a week and ill creep u in my place lol

Im being serious i live with my parents so they are gone in the day and my room backs out into a feild and the train to downtown toronto is only 5 minutes away it might not be kno confort inn but still cheaper then most

Andre Said:

subsidized housing in Toronto, Ontario tips/suggestions?

We Answered:

How about getting in touch with the John Howard society? Honestly the waiting list is years long for subsidized housing and a single male isn't going to be moved up the priority list. The other possibility would be someone advertising for a roommate. There are also rooming houses and some are well run, a lot aren't.

Lance Said:

Toronto Bar/Lounge for Student?

We Answered:

Money. Used to be good. The Guvernment complex, to be sure. Huge club, though.

Eduardo Said:

About the TTC (Toronto transit commission) student discount card.?

We Answered:

If the card contains your photograph, you've been issued a Student Discount Card. This card is an just an ID card. It simply proves that you are a student, and allows you to travel on the TTC with a student fare ($1.85), student tickets, or the monthly student Metropass.

When you get onto a bus/streetcar or enter a subway station, you would show your Student Discount Card AND put in either a student ticket or $1.85.

Hope this helps.

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