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Student Housing Trends

Irene Said:

College Essay...Help!?

We Answered:

My father was *MY* main source for intellectual challenge
"My maturity was because of" instead say "I matured intellectually because..."

created curiosity in <from> me. I sought to challenge the usual thinking.

Trendsetters set the <trends> direction/course.

Regarding <In regards to> social issues

I want to learn <through> different opinion+s from people of <all> different <types of> backgrounds.

(Good essay - this is as far as I can help. Good luck.)

Courtney Said:

Are there degrees of life? If yes, what are they?

We Answered:

Congratulations you just have answered your own question .... 10 points for you !!

Margie Said:


We Answered:

He is aware and recognizes the beauty, love and perfection of what a black woman has brought into his experience of life. From his experience he noticed how they treated him or others. And from there he gained an insight of love, wisdom, strength, confidence, and truthfulness, that the black women showed him through their examples. That is nice poem.
However, same could be said of all women of different races as well. But really what it comes down to is that all women put up with what men do. Yet women show men through their examples the definition of a woman. And from those examples shines the wisdom that a women possess.

Holly Said:

Your opinion? You correction please?

We Answered:

To say that your first language is not english and that is your essay.. I think that the essay is very good. The facts in there are good and also your writing style is good! Well done!

Terrance Said:

I just purchased a Dell Laptop can you please help me with what i need for wireless connection?

We Answered:

what you need is a wireless router you can get one from best buy or circuit city even walmart!!!

and you already have wireless built into your new laptop

so buy that and read the manual to make your wireless work.

you only need to put 2 wires into the wirless router to make it work, one of those wires is the power plug!!!

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Pulau Pramuka said:

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