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Student Housing Tucson

Gladys Said:

Would this seem livable to you if you were renting a room?

We Answered:

I wouldn't mind living with 5 other roommates as long as my room have a keyed lock and my own bathroom.

In my experience, college kids usually can live with room mates that they already know, or at least have similar interest.

Every body is concerned about their safety, If you will be renting to people that do not know each other, I suggest you draw up a guidelines (example - no smoking inside the home, wash your dish as you go, etc....) and have each renter sign it.....

When I was in college, I have to sitdown with all other renters already in the home (3 of them), they interviewed me and I ask some questions about them.... and they submit their recommendation to the landlord... its a pretty neat process....

On rent rate, you really have to see what the going rate in your area is, but $600 is a little high... just my opinion...

Good luck!

Don Said:

Now arriving in a public school near you: Punishment based on racial quota demanded by Obama Administration?

We Answered:

Why am I not surrprised? This from the man who jumped the gun accusing the Cambridge police of acting stupidly. Obama has got to go!

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It is better to live with other rommates to reduce the rent of the house. If anyone don't like to live with others, then its better to live alone. Some maintain cleanliness to live together.

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