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Student Housing Ucf

Don Said:

How Much to Depend on Apartment Rating Websites?

We Answered:

I ran into this problem a lot myself. You gotta realize that if people have a GOOD experience with an apartment... that's expected... and they're probably not going to search out an apartment rating website to share praise. It's usually the people who have had a bad experience that will look for a place to b*tch.

I'd say look for the one with the least negative complaints... but then you walk a fine line between seeing the lowest amount of negatives, and a place that nobody has actually lived in.

Another thing to realize is that landlords and managers of the complexes can log onto those sites and leave good comments... although most sites supposedly monitor for that stuff.

Joel Said:

Moving to Florida?

We Answered:

I suggest you call the college housing offices. They probably have lists of apartments that have reasonable prices.

Hector Said:

Getting into FSU, UF, UCF, and HOWARD?

We Answered:

You seem competitive for all of them, I think. A few bad grades do not necessary knock you out--it depends on when you got them (which year). It might, however, knock you out of scholarship contention. But you sound fine, and be sure to have your parent(s) fill out the FAFSA form early, and be sure to apply early and identify other scholarships! Good luck.

Gordon Said:

What are my chances to enter medical school?

We Answered:

There really isn't any way to judge you, because you might have really hard teachers. Keep chugging along, but make sure you are majoring in something you would be willing to persue as a career, not just as a step towards medical school. Even the best have to have a second option.

Crystal Said:

Feel like I'm losing friends and thoughts about life "a bit long"?

We Answered:

Honestly, in my opinion I think you should find a small group of friends who enjoy doing the things you do and are at the same level of maturity as you. Not only that, I also believe it would help to find a partner. A girlfriend can give you a reason to skip the partys, and when you have a partner, you usually tend not to hang out with friends much anyway. Another thing is, you should focus on school as much as possible, but schools not everything you have to have a life eh? Lol good luck.

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