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Student Housing Usc

William Said:

Just got into UCLA grad school..want to live in Long Beach...transportation?

We Answered:

I hate to break it to you, but I have yet to find any studio apartments in Long Beach that except pets. It's very hard to even find a 1 bedroom that accepts pets.

Maria Said:

What does it take to get into USC and do I stand a chance?

We Answered:

with your gpa and activites i think your pretty much gon get accepted

Herbert Said:

Finding a studio/apartment in or near USC?

We Answered:

You need to listen to them since they do this for a living.

The area surrounding the USC campus is not the best area for foreigners to be looking for housing in.

Miguel Said:

what are my chances of getting into USC or UCSB or Cal poly?

We Answered:

Well you seen like a very smart person and I am deeply sorry for what you been through. On the brighter side, your hardship will hopefully make up for the lack luster GPA (which isn't that bad, UC like to see improvments in grades, especially if you are a senior.)

A 28 ACT is a fine score for UCSB and Cal Poly, not sure about USC though. You have a great math 2 score! (mine was only 460)
You have AP classes, i assume, and good E.C.

Your personal essay is very very important, because it make or break your application, so hopefully you did well on it.

Cal Poly - Good 90%<
UCSB - Alright 65%< (I think they have average acceptance rate of around 65%)
USC - Not sure...

Heather Said:

What advice would you give on moving from england to america as a student?

We Answered:

Why CA? LA one of the most expensive areas to live in the US. You need to see if you can work with a student visa. I believe you can only get an on campus job.

You can go on any US college web site to find out requirements and how to apply as an international student. Make sure to check out tuition costs. You can also see what living on campus would cost- room and board.
tuition is way high at USC- over $40,000. room and board is over $10,000. Even for the US, those cost are on the high side.

I highly suggest looking into other schools outside of CA. CA college accept very few international students. Make sure to look up the percentage of the international student population at each school.

Louis Said:

College Costs, Student Loans, Any Advice?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Ronald Said:

Do I have a Chance at USC?

We Answered:

freshman grades don't count much admissions officers look at trends, you can also explain to them why you did so bad (there's space on the application) if you feel you must

you extracurriculars are really good, make sure to rack up a shitload of community service hours

i wouldn't be too worried, just start studying for the sats

with legacy like that you could get in with a 3.0

you could probably get into better schools thn USC

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