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Student Housing Vancouver

Sergio Said:

Should I be concerned about finding a job after my post secondary?

We Answered:

Maybe 10% to 15% of grads of private schools like this ever get jobs in the field they train for. You could be lucky but the chances are you will be paying the loans from a Starbucks salary.

But that 10% or so will do very, very well. You have to decide on your odds.

Ann Said:

I'm going to Vancouver, Canada! It's my first time out of INDIA. What can I expect? How should I plan?

We Answered:

Congrats on going to Vancouver for your higher studies, I can understand why you'd be excited but also tense's a long way from home. I can't answer all your questions as I did not go to school there and it's been a 2 years since I was last there, however I will tell you what I know from my own experience and that of friends who have lived there.
Rent prices fluctuate according to what the places are like and how close they are to the university, etc but the university should be able to give you a general guide to costs for housing, and check to see if you can live on campus, it might work out cheaper for you. They will have information available regarding housing, don't be afraid to write and ask for the information, that's part of their job.
As far as food goes and where you can get it, there are shops that will be close by no matter where you finally choose to live, it's a very well equipped city and you will find they have a wide variety of foods available throughout the city. There are inexpensive restaurants that are still quite good, but if you can cook it's cheaper to do that than to have restaurant meals (not to mention it'll be healthier too). If you choose to reside in aplace where you will have room mates sharing the accomodation with you, then you could even work out a schedule where you each cook on certain days for the whole group that way you aren't having to cook daily but still keep your food bills as low as possible.
Safety in the city. Vancouver is a great city and fairly safe, however it's a city and with any city there are things you need to do to keep yourself's the common sense things that you'd do in any city really. I'd recommend asking the university to send you information regarding safety in the city, they will have all these types of things covered for their new students, particularly the students from other countries...but you may have to ask them for it instead of them volunteering it. You will not need a permit or license for a bicycle, but I would recommend that you have a chain for it so it does not get stolen or to at least reduce the risk of it being taken. Vancouver is a pretty spread out place, bikes are a good thing here although you will need to be in good shape with all the hills. Walking is another great way to get around the city and even the bus system is good and it's inexpensive. Taxi's on the other hand can become quite expensive and for a student, I wouldn't recommend using them unless you absolutely have to. Contact the university's admission department and ask them to send you information regarding housing, getting around the city, personal safety, etc, they are one of the best sources of the information that you need, and they'll have all the info to hand where they can either email it to you or post it to you...they may well have it on their website, so if you haven't looked, I'd recommend starting there...if they don't have it on their site, email them requesting the info be sent to you or that you be given contact information on someone who will be able to give you the info. They will be helpful and will be only too happy to get the information to you, especially as you are coming from so far away. Good luck with it all and I wish you every success with your studies, you will have a great time in Vancouver, it's an incredible city! I hope I've helped a little.

Alvin Said:

Is it possible to stay at a UBC student housing without beeing a student?

We Answered:

Not that I am aware of. University housing is usually pretty restricted to students and even then there is not enough to go around. They are in the education business, not the hotel business. The only time I have ever seen the rooms rented out is during the summer when classes are out. And then they are usually rented to sports teams (CMR in St. Jean PQ rents to the Allouettes and U of A rents to the Eskimos) or the military (Georgian College in Barrie) if they are running a course nearby.

Patsy Said:

does Crofton House in Vancouver accept mid-year transfer students?

We Answered:


Edward Said:

What is the cost of living for a foriegn student couple in Vancouver?

We Answered:

The cost of living is become quite high in the lower mainland. Rent could be as low at $635.00 to as high as $900.00 per month. Food maybe $600.00 per month for both and transportation well that varies maybe $100.00 monthly?
You might be able to share commendation's with other students or stay at a dome.
Basic- maybe $1.300.00 per month
I'm going to give you a web site that you can look up newspapers every week to check out employment, rentals.
Nothing said that you have to stay at one place when here. Just get the place and look for better once here.

Hope it can help you out :…

Discuss It! said:

I could never imagine such prices! But it is not better in Europe where you will spend approximately 600-700 Euros for your needs! It does not include study tuition!

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