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Student In London

Jerome Said:

Is it easy for an American student in London to make friends and enjoy his stay?

We Answered:

You will be just fine, London is very diverse and is used to the influx of people from other countries. You may get a few jokes aimed at you but just take them in the good nature that they were intended.

The simple motto is: You can't please everyone so don't even try - just be yourself and you will make friends very easily.

Enjoy your stay and try and see as much as possible while you are there.

Good luck in your studies!

Wallace Said:

What should I wear as a college student in london?

We Answered:

London is multi-cultural in race and dress. Wear what you are comfortable with. However, you will need some warm clothing.You will find the weather cold, compared to what you are used to, especially in winter. Temperatures can vary between around - 6 degrees, and +16, Nov. - March: although London usually has better weather than northern regions. Summers are normally changeable; anything from 12 - 30 degrees! Wet or dry.

Beatrice Said:

I am a drama student in London and I am looking for my first professional role on stage. Any advice?

We Answered:

You're probably going to find things a lot easier with an agent.

Bobby Said:

What kinds of discounts can I get as a uni student in London?

We Answered:

nearly all shops in all uk towns do it also some fast food outlets
just check first

Erica Said:

How could I looking for work in London , part-time because I'm student ?

We Answered:


Paula Said:

What is the best accomodation for an international postgraduate student in London?

We Answered:

i have so many friends living and studying in if you tell me the uni i can tell you what the halls are like...usually people live in the halls for the first semester or so, so that you can meet people and get to know more friends..then these friends usually decide to rent an apartment together...or after you have got to know the campus and halls you could start to look to share an apartment with people working or studying not nessacarily in your uni....the thing you need to remember is rent in london is very very expensive, so its the cost if living. so its always better to share. and obviously share with people you are also studying with..

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