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Student Lets Bristol

Deanna Said:

Making friends with English (or other U.K.) students?

We Answered:

I'm 27 and from the UK. When I went to Uni at 17, I remember meeting Singaporeans, Americans, Germans, Bulgarians, Koreans, Chinese, Finns, Mexicans, Japanese, Turks and many others... I had good friends who were Korean and Taiwanese. My best friend, who I met at uni, is German, and when I went back to college this year, I've made friends from India.

Smile, say hello (everyone else will be new, too) and find a club or two outside your course to have fun. You'll be fine!

Andrea Said:

University of Bristol?

We Answered:…

Rosa Said:

Is there a place that I can report a school to for an inspection or something?

We Answered:

Colleges and schools are for people who want to do alike things. Well this is 2010. Pretty laid back. This country has been under a lot of stress. Really they have what will go with the flow. Just because they have a different way of teaching, does not mean that they are bad.. When I was home schooled I was given the answers to my tests. It is about understanding, trusting and finding clues to the puzzle in this world! It isn't your rules!! If they lied then it should be brought to attention by an investigator only if it is fraud. Seems like the whole deal was a mis communication.

Robert Said:

Making friends with English (or other U.K.) students?

We Answered:

I love making friends with foreign people! Learning about other people's cultures and languages is fascinating! If I were you I wouldn't worry about not being able to make friends, people should find you really interesting!

Jeffery Said:

Voluntary work with Deaf community or Sign Language interpreters during the summer at Bristol?

We Answered:

Try the URL below.

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