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Student Letting Agents

Thelma Said:

Letting agents in/near Uxbridge, London?

We Answered:

Have you tried they are based in Bucks, just above Uxbridge? They are quite new but they have an area on their website for searching tenants to upload their accommodation wanted requirements too, they then text out to all private landlords in the area that meet your requirements for free. The best bit about it is that they aren't letting agents so you don't get stung with agency fees etc. A friend of mine was relocating to West London and found a landlord via them....worth checking out? Good luck!

Nathan Said:

Can letting agents refuse to rent or increase the deposit because the potential tenants will be students? (UK)?

We Answered:


The agent acts on behalf of the landlord. The landlord is offering to get involved in a contract that will last 6 or 12 months and doing that with people who do not have a full time income, benefits or assets is a risky business. He has obviously decided that before he will take that risk he will require a 3 month deposit.

I note your comment about being good tenants, and maybe a reference from your current landlord will help sway him, but everyone says they're going to be perfect (and some aren't). The only way to prove it is to put your money where your mouth is. Your deposit will be protected in one of 3 government approved schemes so if you are as good as you say then you'll get it back in full at the end of the tenancy.

It is discrimination, but it isn't *illegal* discrimination. The landlord is in business, he's not a charity, he is doing this for his benefit with his money.

Esther Said:

student visa agent's commission?

We Answered:

Tenfold. By each immigration office you will find one. Nice big offices, bad Coffee. Them and lawyers will be there taking easy prey. If you read the many languages on each immigration website, you don't need them or a Lawyer.

James Said:

During what time period is the landlord/letting agent allowed access for viewings by potential future tenants?

We Answered:

1. Check your lease, which we cannot see ourselves.
2. Check the laws for your state, which you have not mentioned to us at all.

Kelly Said:

Letting agents: Do You Think We Will Be Approved To Rent This Flat?

We Answered:

Well, the general consensus on this issue when taking out a mortgage is that if the job is within the same profession, they count it as continuous employment. I would think that a landlord would do the same thing, but they don't have to. However the fact that you were employed prior to these new jobs should work in your favor. If I were you, I would ask your employer to write a letter to the landlord (or call him) and let him/her know the odds that you will be made permanent. If the odds are very good and the landlord has it on your boss's authority, you shouldn't have a problem.

As far as references from your employer, more than likely all they're going to do is verify that you are actually employed where you say you are, and that you actually make the amount of money you said you did.

Tim Said:

Are there qualifications or licences needed to become a web based letting agent?

We Answered:

Incredibly no you dont, letting/estate agencies need no qualifications at all, thats why you hear so many horror stories about agents pulling all kinds of dodgy stunts.

Roger Said:

What can we do to get the letting agent/landlord sort the laundry facilities?

We Answered:

Often the legal action you can take to get your landlord to do what you want takes months - you might be gone by then, anyway.

Get a specialist in to look at the washing machines. Ask the specialist for A) the cost of repair and B) the cost of replacement.

Write your landlord a letter, signed individually by all seventeen tenants, that you want either A or B paid for. B will probably be cheaper in the long-run, since your washing machines sound ancient.

You could take a gamble, be proactive, and divide the cost of A or B between the seventeen tenants before contacting your landlord. Then send your seventeen lots of rent in, en masse, minus the cost of A or B. What I've found is, landlords don't often begrudge paying for things, but they do resent the time it takes to chase up manufacturers or repair men. This is usually why they simply don't bother fixing problems.

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