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Student Living London

Donna Said:

whats it like living in london for college?

We Answered:

London is by far the most expensive part of the UK simply because it's the capital. I had three very happy years at Imperial College in South Kensington (which was part of the University of London then). No college of the University of London has enough accommodation for the full length of the course but there is a well-established market in student accommodation because of that, so it's just a matter of affording it. Meanwhile, you get to live in one of the largest cities in the world (the continuous urban area is over 20 miles across and contains over 8 million people) so literally, the world is your oyster. No doubt that is why the Transport for London electronic ticket is called the Oystercard!

If you're used to a big city, London is no different - just bigger. If you aren't, be prepared for a culture shock. But otherwise, anything you want to do is possible and won't be far away.

British universities are very much on the self-help style of learning so there won't be many lectures and you'll have a lot of free time - it's a matter of disciplining yourself to study on your own outside them.

Walter Said:

do student loans need to be repaid back, living in london?

We Answered:

I'm from Texas, but all loans to me need to be paid back. Just the word loan, means money you borrow and when you borrow, you repay.

John Said:

what is the cost of living for a foreign student in london?

We Answered:

a lot. im not a student and my job lets me pay my bills and thats about it. just to eat you want about £5-10 a day. travel is about another £5. a club is gonna be about £15-20 pounds to get in on a sat night and drinks are about £8. my rent on a 1 bed flat is £850 a month without bills.
i hope that gives you an idea

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