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Student Off Campus Housing

Marvin Said:

What is the process of using a student loan for off campus housing?

We Answered:

Your refund amount will be disbursed once each semester (so, twice a year). You can receive financial aid up to the cost of attendance at the school (which generally includes living expenses). If you visit the school's website, you should see a list of the tuition and fees broken down - this will tell you the maximum that is given for off-campus housing. Now, the amount you'll qualify for will depend on how much you'll have left in your federal loans. The maximum a dependent freshman can borrow from federal stafford loans is $5,500/year. You may have to have your parents take out a PLUS loan or you may also need to attempt to take out private student loans to cover the costs (since out-of-state tuition is usually quite a bit higher). You may not be able to cover the full cost of your rent and utilities with loans... you may consider sharing a place with roommates to lower your cost.

Lauren Said:

in colledge, can you chose off campus housing and cover it with your student loans?

We Answered:


Yes, and no.

All forms of financial aid are intended to be used to pay for all of the different costs included within your Cost of Attendance.

Cost of Attendance is not just tuition and fees, it also includes books, school supplies, room and board, and a very modest amount of personal spending money, which can include a transportation allowance (gas money) and a computer.

When your school's financial aid office evaluates your financial aid need, they work from that entire Cost of Attendance estimate, so some of your aid is fully intended to be used for your housing.


The Cost of Attendance estimate is not what you actually pay - the Cost of Attendance is what your school estimates that the average student will pay for those items. It's not your book cost, it's average book cost - it's not your tuition, it's average tuition, and it's not your particular apartment choice - it's what the school believes is a reasonable rent for a very modest SHARED housing option in the community immediately surrounding your school.

What's that mean? It means that your school is going to include a fairly small amount of housing allowance in your financial aid need analysis - a standard, run-of-the-mill low-cost nearby apartment that is shared by 2 or more students. They're not going to fix you up with the amount necessary to rent a fancy one bedroom.

Bottom line - you can use your student loan (or any other form of financial aid available to you, once your tuition and fees have been paid) for any housing that you'd like, but if you choose an expensive housing option (including living on your own), you're likely to find that your aid is going to come up short - because you've opted to spend more than your school believes that you need to.

Good luck!

Clara Said:

At Miami Dade College do they offer off campus housing?

We Answered:


Louis Said:

best website for a college student to look for off campus housing during the school year?

We Answered:

You should check with your school's website to see if they have anything. My university has a specific area on the Student Government website for housing information.

But, your best option would be to talk to people that have gone there. A lot of college towns have slumlords that will be happy to throw you in a s***-hole apartment for $300 a month. Visit the town, check out your options, and talk to others.

Lastly, get started EARLY. Campus housing fills up much fast than you would think. To be honest, the housing your university is probably booked up for the most part for next school year.

Patrick Said:

Albany Off-Campus Downtown Student Housing?

We Answered:

there is housing i think around the corner from the lampost bar. my friend lived there his senior year.

Clayton Said:

Do colleges and universities without housing give off-campus financial aid toward relocating students?

We Answered:

Anything is possible. Some colleges have off-campus housing and reduced cost apartments that are shared. It depends on the college and the area. Some colleges just have a list of rentals and shares that they have nothing to do with. Housing is usually the student's responsibility if they are offf campus. You need to call the school or check their website to see what they offer and get suggestions from them. Each school is different and although there may be many good answers, you need the right answer for you. Good luck in college..

Joann Said:

I'm looking for student loans for off campus housing... where should I look?

We Answered:

There are no student loans specific to that. All federal student loans allow you to use any excess to live either on or off-campus. Unless there is something in your scholarship that prevents you from living off-campus you should be able to use the same aid you are right now for off-campus living.

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