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Student Residence London

Ben Said:


We Answered:

Have you consider to flatshare with other students? It will work out cheaper and better in terms of freedom and fun. There are few websites which will allow you to find like minded students.

Jimmy Said:

What's the best way to find a short let/student summer accomodation in London?

We Answered:

have you looked into youth hostels?
Often come with nice accomadations and nice affordable price

Priscilla Said:

How does a student visa influence permanent settlement in the UK?

We Answered:

A condition of a student visa is that you will return home at the end of its validity. It is a temporary visa and carries no residency rights whatsoever. If it makes no sense to you that you do not accrue any residency rights despite being resident in the country for a number of years, consider these facts:

1. You will be paying little or (probably) no taxes, and very little (if any) National Insurance during your time as a student in the UK as your work hours will be severely restricted.

2. You will be entitled to free NHS treatment despite having made no NI contributions.

3. You are free to take the benefits of your UK education back to your own country, or naywhere else in the world.

4. Why should any non EU national be granted citizen rights or settlement purely for having being educated in the UK when they have no ties to the country? You have to give to get.

Next year the rule are changing to ensure economic and social contributions are made to the UK and to the community that you live in. Most UK citizens see that as a much fairer criteria to allow settlement/citizenship than residency alone.

EDIT The poster below is talking rubbish. The 10 year rule is generally used for children who came to the UK and studied in the school system and went on to uni without being eligible for ILR (settlement). Each case is looked at on its own merits as it is not an automatic right and you have to prove very close ties, usually strong family ties in the UK to be awarded ILR on this basis. No overseas student would be given visa for 10 years continuously in the UK for further education.

TIer 4, Tier 5, Post Study Work visas and dependent visas of these visa holders, do not accrue residency rights.

Tier 1 and 2 visas require you to be legally resident for five years before you can apply for ILR. Spouses and partners of UK citizens must be resident for two years before they can become settled..

Violet Said:

im student visa here in london and im pregnant it is possible to send back me home?but my partner is residence?

We Answered:

if your student visa is up, yes they can force you home.
your partner can file forms to change you from student to partner, if you said what country i could have given you links to the forms, fees, etc....

Charles Said:

Average prices for student halls in london?

We Answered:

The big London uni's are particularly expensive, thanks to their lovely locations...but look at it this way if you were to rent in the local area you could end up paying dearly for it.

I studied at Imperial College, in SW7, my local shop was Harrods, and my local club Boujis, most of the places are large Georgian or Victorian terraced houses, or huge town houses. It's all Embassies and Oligarchs.

You could expect to pay £400 a week for a (slightly less than) 1-bed basement flat, now student halls charges £100-200 a week, for a 39 week contract which includes internet, and utilities (excl laundry). Suddenly the idea of paying £7800 a year doesn't sound too bad.

Most London universities also don't have enough space to let students live in hall for more than one year, so it's a must take opportunity to live the student life, he will not get a second chance at this.

If you need any more info, please message me.

Nathaniel Said:

I'm looking for some kind of student residence in London.?

We Answered:

You need to be specific regarding the type of accommodation? Clearly hotels would be way to expensive for that period, Hostels maybe a possibility although privacy and access may not be great. You might find a room to rent in a someone's home, again question about privacy, but would be local possibly as little as £200 per month. try the link below.

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