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Student Residence Toronto

Pearl Said:

Questions About University? (University of Toronto)?

We Answered:

OSAP/Work-study/UTAPS will pay for tuition + everything else (res, food plan, incidental costs.. etc.)
Work hard.. Especially in English and Calculus (calculus depends on your program) and you'll get accepted (aim for 90's to guarantee it, although 80's are fine..) .. I strongly recommend applying to their St.George campus because of their wide range of courses to choose from, downtown location, and academic reputation.. specifically trinity college..

and most importantly.. don't believe any of the UofT horror stories about it being super-hard and its impossible to get a good gpa.. the truth is.. UofT accepts a LOT of people.. including those with low averages who aren't able to work hard towards their degree.. lots of those people drop-out by second year because of their test scores and blame it on their profs/course difficulty.. they haven't been to another university to say that its any "easier" than UofT.. University is University.. the curricula is the same everywhere.. so please.. don't let this effect your choice..

and don't forget how nice it will be when someone asked you where you studied and you reply with:
Oh I got a Degree from the University of Toronto *blushes with pride*

Raymond Said:

How to get PR in Toronto?

We Answered:

"don't need you to refer me to sites with so much crap", eh? You need to follow the rules like everyone else who's desperately trying to get into this country, so read up.

We have an overload of IT workers here, we really don't need more. Canada needs *specialized* experienced workers.

Florence Said:

What is the residence/community like at the seven colleges of University of Toronto (St. George campus)?

We Answered:

I'm at St. Mikes and the Mississauga campus.

It's a great atmosphere...lots of people to always be around and hang out with while you're not in class...or when you're in class. Love it. Classrooms at the St. George campus are amazing. Especially near the Hart House! UTM campus...not so much lol

Danielle Said:

Where should I live as an exchange student at Griffith University Gold Coast Campus?

We Answered:

contact student advisory at the uni they will provide information about accommodation

Michele Said:

Should I choose Mississauga or Toronto? ?

We Answered:

Oh man Downtown St George for sure. You have no idea how boring life is in Mississauga. In downtown you'll be exposed to a completely different lifestyle. You're in the prime of your life and you'd want to make the best out of it. What better way to live and study downtown. And compared to other cosmopolitan cities, downtown of toronto is cheaper. Students can find housing for as low as $500 in downtown or less in the suburbs.

ONE thing for sure: Choosing one from the other will totally change your life. I would choose downtown without hesitation. The people you meet and the stuff you'll be doing will totally be different in the two campuses so choose wisely.

Remember not many people get to go to university and at the same time live in a fantastic megacity.

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