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Student Room For Rent

Earl Said:

what is this type of room called when putting up for rent?

We Answered:

Well a boarding house would rent rooms out like that. Usually I've seen Room for Rent. Its not a studio cause there is no kitchen

Sean Said:

Whats the standard going rate for own room to rent in a manhattan apartment (student)?

We Answered:

Craigslist is totally the way to go. The most you should be paying is $800-$900 for a separate bedroom, of course you will be living with someone, but at least you will have your own room. If they are charging you that amount for a futon in the living room...find another arrangement! Good luck! Make sure you ask for photos!! Manhattan is expensive, so try parts of Brooklyn...Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, there should run you 1-2 hundred less than Manhattan and you will probably have a lot more space...and your shower in the bathroom not in the kitchen (like many Manhattan apartments I have lived in)...well, good luck!

Mae Said:

does anybody have a room to rent in lombard illinois for the summer?

We Answered:

look in suburban chicago newspapers website. They have the classifieds there.

Lori Said:

Is there a maximum amount of rent that a landlord can charge a student for a room living in student housing?

We Answered:

If it were true they'd probably not want students there as much as others

Salvador Said:

what is the cost to take a room on rent in mumbai for student & in which area it will available at low cost?

We Answered:


In Mumbai rent is very high. My advice is u can get addmission in hostell. There r many students hostell avail. in the Mumbai, You just findout. You can live on paying guest also. Easily avail. option in all over Mumbai.

All the best.

Kent Said:

Anyone at Kingston upon Thames willing to rent out a room for a Kingston University student?

We Answered:

Speak to the university to see if they can help find student accomodation. If they can't, try but bear in mind, this site is not orientated towards students.

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