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Student Room Rent

Raymond Said:

I have a room for rent 15 mins from Atlanta. What's the best place to post an ad for a prof grad student?

We Answered:

Other than craigslist, I would try and
I've also used roommate finding services like in the past.

Alan Said:

Any room rent for long term in singapore for student?

We Answered:

Now rental is quite high, especially for prime location. S$800 - S$1000 should be able to get what you want. I rented out my flat via this website, you may wanna try out:

Megan Said:

advantages and disadvantages for a student to rent a single room?

We Answered:

Disadvantages: It is more expensive; you are somewhat isolated from your peers; if you have disagreements with the landlord then you won't have the power of numbers, it's just you vs. them

Advantages: It is quieter, and perhaps easier to study; you have your own kitchen and bathroom that you don't have to share with other people whose cleanliness standards may be subpar; you can have people over, have parties, watch movies, etc. and no roomates will complain

Jorge Said:

How much is a one-room housing rent a month for a college student in Talahasse Florida?

We Answered:

Depends on location and other variables like size and stuff comming with it.

Check out real estate site

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