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Student Room To Rent

Mildred Said:

How much is it to rent a dormitory room at Liverpool University?

We Answered:

Contact Liverpool University for teh direct and accurate answers to your questions./

Kimberly Said:

college student. looking for a safe, economic room for rent preferably with a great family?

We Answered:

What state? City?

Yvonne Said:

Moving to Manhattan! Where and when do I begin looking for a room to rent?

We Answered:

Find out if your university has a housing help department. I know that all the schools I've been to have someone that helps roomates find each other.

Otherwise, start combing the school newspaper, craigslist, kijiji, and any other friend sites that might list roommates.

The best places to look for a room will be anywhere that you can afford and still feel safe. If you are looking at splitting an apartment, most expensive in the city is TriBeCa and least expensive is Harlem. A two bedroom is going to be at least $2000 a month, unless you luck into sharing a rent controlled place.

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