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Student Rooms For Rent

Herbert Said:

How much to rent a low budget apartment in Mumbai for one month?

We Answered:

You can look for a hostel or a paying guest, appartment would be very difficult to get.
You can try the website listed below. hope its of some use…

Vera Said:

Is it legal for me to move out at the age of 18 in Singapore?

We Answered:

The age of majority in Singapore is 21 (legal age for entering into a contract.)

It makes sense a legal guardian would have to be at least that age.

Jennifer Said:

Where do students in Amsterdam usually advertise their rooms to rent for summer?

We Answered:

Most probably don't rent out their rooms, it's usually a violation of the rental agreement.

Rental agencies might have rooms available that have become available from graduating students and haven't yet been assigned to new starting students, but with waiting lists for rooms running to several years chances are slim.

Rhonda Said:

college student, renting rooms...?

We Answered:

The better option is to take bachelor's accomodation by writting a letter to you company

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