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Student Rooms To Rent

Ray Said:

What's the fairest way to allocate rooms in a student house?

We Answered:

totally agree.....if people are willing to settle for a smaller room they should pay less and if people want a larger room that bad then they shouldn't mind paying a bit more

Rhonda Said:

How do I find out if the house I want to rent is in foreclosure? What do I do to protect myself legally?

We Answered:

NOT universal, but in MOST states, a written lease is part of the
property sold or lost, depending on foreclosure or normal sale.

thus, if you have a written lease, and the house is "lost", as
long as you are following the stipulations of your lease, you are

in some circumstances, attys suggest escrowing your rent
to make sure only the new owner gets it.

but if you do not pay the current LL, he can sue you for
non payment. As long as you don't mind paying
court fees and late fees and rent, you can pay the first
mo's rent and withhold the rest.
I do not recommend this approach but it is there.

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