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Student Village Housing

Rachel Said:

i will be student in portland state university i will do master in mechanical engineering?

We Answered:

The school is definitely a commuter school. My sister-in-law just graduated from their Mechanical Engineering Master's program actually. If I had $1000.00 to spend on rent, I would chose to live in a condo in either the Pearl District or NW 23rd area. They are close, and there is a street car that goes right from the Pearl and NW Portland into the Portland State Campus. Lake Oswego is way too far away and frankly, so is Multnomah Village. You would need a car if you lived out there. Definitely check out the areas I mentioned on Craigslist and the other links I put below. SW Downtown by the school would be good too because a lot of students live there but I would rather live in the Pearl or NW because it's safe, there are a lot of young people, lots and lots of stuff to do and there is the Portland Street car that takes you directly to the school. Good luck!

Nathaniel Said:

how do i get this girl?

We Answered:

mann, i would ignore don't even know her....but if you do want to pursue her...just walk up to her place and introduce games...the best way to pick up a girl is to show her that you have alot to talk about and that you are a good listener....people say they don't like them but steady play them and then wonder why the other person plays them.

Alan Said:

about housing in UCSD?

We Answered:

Debra Said:

Will I have a bad college experience if I live off campus?? HELP?

We Answered:

well I go to a community college which has student housing across the street from campus, so I walk to school 10 minutes away. I hardly see these other people because its actually mixed with real families and some units are dedicated to students and we have my own common area so i dont have to go to shared bathrooms with the whole floor, just the roommates I have.

What I want you to know is don't worry. you'll be on campus! you will make friends. in the classroom, eating lunch, and just being around campus are perfect opportunityy for that. also, you said the off campus apartments are with the school. just that alone is gonna put you with other students so you'll be making more friends. if you have roommates even more oppourtunity to be with people and make friends. and i'm sure you're not the only one in the off campus apartments that transferred so you're probably not the only freshmen.

believe me, you'll probably like it better there. i mean you're gonna get the best of both worlds! especially if you transfer to the dorms next year, then definitely.

okay, to get food, just like everyone else, you ride a bus. or you walk if its safe and there are stores near. go to google and type in "grocery" and your city. and you will find links to places that are near. my sister was in the college apartments and she rode a bus to the grocery.

at my student apartments theres a grocery store about a 10-15 minute walk from me so I luckily can go from there and get groceries. i also use an online grocery shopping when i want and they deliver the food to me. its a thing provided in my state (minnesota) but since you're probably not in my state, you could definitely look up online grocery delivery and your state. there might be some normally priced ones like the one i used.

so overall dont worry. you'll be independent living and getting the best of both worlds (college life, freedom) plus apartments have more space, more freedom, so honestly, there's nothing to feel down about! your experience will be excellent!

good blessings!

edit: oh yeah! and since its by campus, there should definitely be a lot of buses and transportation for getting around near you.

Bessie Said:

moving to NYC in January for school, what are the best places to live?

We Answered:

Some other options are Inwood in northern Manhattan and Astoria in queens. Both of these areas are relatively safe and have subway access, but like the poster before me said, they are kind of boring. Inwood doesn't have much in terms of restaurants and shopping so you might have to travel a bit to go to your favorite stores, but there's a huge park there if you like the outdoors. Also, it will take about 40 minutes to get downtown. The rent there is quite cheap and you can probably even find a 1 bedroom in your price range. I can't really speak for Astoria though because I've never visited there.

A good idea would be to come to new york for a week or so if you can just to look around at all the affordable areas, so you can decide on the right location. You might not feel safe in some areas, or some areas might just feel too far away from school or shopping or nightlife, etc...

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