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Students Accommodation In London

Annette Said:

Job in England in July?

We Answered:

Take a look at Gumtree and may be able to find something there...

Good Luck!

Jimmie Said:

Would you please be so kind as to correct this letter for me?

We Answered:

To Whom It May Concern,

If possible, I would like to receive my Student Visa on or before Friday September 3rd, 2010.

You may have noticed the date of my return flight on my travel itinerary and e-ticket that are enclosed and as you know, it's quite costly to change a flight date or to rebook tickets during this back-to-school season. More importantly, I have to arrive in the UK before the start of term in order to find accommodation in London and to settle myself down etc

I would be most grateful if you could take into account the above-mentioned factors while my application is being considered.

Many thanks in advance for all your understanding!

P.S. My initial application, submitted on June 10th, 2010 for the Tier 4 General Student Visa, was refused on August 10th, 2010 because my financial documents were dated more than one month prior to my application date. This is my second application.

Shen Li

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