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Students And Housing Benefit

Cody Said:

In the UK can someone aged 17 claim Housing Benefit?

We Answered:

Hi I work for benefits, yes she can claim housing benefit, you can claim from the age of 16, she won't have to claim council tax benefit because she cannot be liable until she is 18. If she is thinking of renting from a private landlord she will only be able to claim the rate of a single bedroom because she is single and under 25, she will need to consider what she is going to do about her income, she cannot claim jsa because she is in full time education. She may have to claim for a student grant or get a student loan

Annette Said:

Is it impossible to get Housing Benefit when in Full time education?

We Answered:

Everyone will assume that as a student you are receiving a student loan which in theory should cover your rent. However I know from experience that student loans are not necessarily enough to cover rent and it can be hard to make the payments sometimes.

I don't think you can claim housing benefit but the best thing to do it ring them or check their website to find out. The jobcentre website normally has details on benefits.

Wanda Said:

Why can't you claim Housing Benefit if you are a full-time student in receipt of Incapacity Benefit?

We Answered:

No idea!!! - I would have thought you were entitled to it though?!

Dorothy Said:

does a student loan affect your benefit claims for housing benefit?

We Answered:

Yes it does, Housing benefit is means tested so the income from the student loan is taken in to account.

Only certain groups of students are eligible to claim housing benefit, usually students who are disabled, or have dependant children.

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