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Students Housing Benefit

Sam Said:

Can a part time student get income support & housing benefit?

We Answered:

Yes indeed it is fully possible as a part-time student (not full time) as being in receipt of DLA classifies you as a disabled student. You will need to write to the Job Centre to seek permission and emphasise why studying is possible but work is not (ie you don't have to go in when poorly etc). With income support you will receive your fees paid and a small grant (£250 if I remember rightly) you can also apply for a Disabled Students Allowance if it is Higher Ed - depending on your disability - ask the disability adviser at the college/uni. All the best.

Cynthia Said:

Can full-time students claim housing benefit?

We Answered:

my friend was a single mum at uni and she got tonnes of grants because of it. And I'm pretty sure she still received housing benefit plus she got parents learning allowance and got like the majority of her childcare costs free and applied for the student contigency grant every term and got it every term so help is available. try visiting your student support/finance centre in your university and seeing if they can help. Also go to your job centre and see what they can do to help. Finally visit your local library and ask about any charity grants as many local area charities just dish out money to people going to uni! Also you can get more depending on what you are going into.

Finally, many universities have onsite job agencies so you can arrange flexible work around your studies.

Hope that helps!

Delores Said:


We Answered:

Unlikely though there are some exceptions, here's a list of them -…

The best people to ask would be your local council.

Arthur Said:

What is the point of subsidized housing being against students?

We Answered:

Most full-time students are eligible for loans, bursaries and income-based grants, which aren't generally available to part-time students. As a full-time student, the financial support you receive through grants and student loans is considered a replacement for welfare and housing benefit.

In the case of subsidized or social housing, even most regular part-time students wouldn't be eligible simply by being a part-time student. They'd also need to have other circumstances which make them in priority housing needs - such as having dependent children, a disability or illness, or a very low income through being unable to work at all. A single, healthy, childless part-time student with a full-time or nearly full-time job is generally speaking no more eligible for subsidized housing than a full-time student with a part-time job or no job.

You could try lying, but I expect you'd be asked to provide proof of your student status - like a letter from your college or university stating that you were a part-time student with no access to students loans or finance - before you'd be considered for subsidized housing.

Bobbie Said:

Can a single mum who is a full-time degree student get housing benefit?

We Answered:

It all depends on how much income you have as a full time student, and how much your rent is.
I would say that you can apply for it anyway, and see what they say.
I am a 29 yr old single mum with 2 kids, and starting uni in September, and have been told that i am able to get some of my rent paid, if not all of it.

Geraldine Said:

Housing benefit for students?

We Answered:

Full time students are not entitled to Housing Benefit I'm afraid. You are expected to live off your grants and student loans. I must say that £700 a month is extremely high for rent for a student. I would suggest downsizing a bit and living within your means. Sorry, don't mean to sound harsh but that's what student life is all about.

Edit: sorry just re-read the question. Your rent is £400 not £700 so that sounds about right for a flat. Still, there would still be another option. When I was at Uni myself and everyone I knew shared houses. No-one could afford two people sharing a flat. If both of you had a (large) room between you in a shared house your rent could be less and bills would be shared between more people.

Other than that you could consider part time jobs like bar work etc as many students have to.

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