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Sydney Student Housing

Wendy Said:

Where to go out at night in Sydney?

We Answered:

Anywhere on Oxford St, that's always colourful. They have gay & straight to head out after 10 or even 11. Try ARQ Bar....they have gay & straight nights so check the net if you're not into that....

Then there's Kings Cross, that's where the junkies hang out. Watch out for drive by shootings. Also lots of "working girls" there so you're sure to pick up. HAHA. Mandalay room is the only place I remember going to in the Cross. They have girls in cages and make good Bloody Mary's. No wonder I can't remember much.

Cockle Bay Wharf is good, Cargo Bar (haven't been there in years) but they often have some live music, also try the Loft and there is a Strike Bowling Bar there if you feel like a game of 10-pin and kareoke.

Also give Darling Harbour a go. Wallaby Bar, Pontoon, Home.....the most I've ever paid is $25 to get into any place in Sydney.

Best of luck getting 10 guys in. Best bet is to find a bunch of girls and just ask them if you can all stand togther until you get in.....or go in a few at a time.....or there are always door lists so find the websites and try to get your names on lists...that usually means you get cheaper cover as well.

As for dress.....jeans and a collared shirt. Can't really go wrong with that. Wear dressy "sneakers" (your lacoste, deisel type, things like that, NOT your Nike TN's) and you might even get knocked back if you have a grotty hair cut (eg. "lebbo" style they are often referred to....over the top mowhawks, muletts, etc).

Just thought that Greenwood in North Sydney would be worth a shot too............

Margaret Said:

Where to live; Attending UNSW in Sydney, Australia.?

We Answered:

Inner West definatley, Glebe, Newtown, etc - you should find a cheap enough share house there - try

Kevin Said:

I am a 23 f moving to Sydney from California. Where can I go online to look at classifieds for housing?

We Answered:

This is like craiglist but for Sydney… and…

You can also try the biggest website for roommates/flatmates @ and - click on the tab Rent or Share.

Arthur Said:

Where can I work experience for 3 weeks in Sydney (I'm in Yr 10)?

We Answered:

I did my work exp with Myer and I went to school in NSW. They were great with work exp kids. Try asking your careers ad-visor at school to try and help you because they should be helping you to find a place somewhere. Good Luck. is voluntary work but the company may choose to pay you if they wish to.

Eva Said:

Where should I stay for one semester at Sydney University: A residential college or university-owned housing?

We Answered:

Contact the accommodation services and tell them your situation and ask for their suggestion. They place people in different types of accommodation and they know about this stuff. They usually have halls of residences for school leavers and ones for maturer students.

You want to have independence, Sydney is awesome and you want to be able to explore.

You could also look for a Facebook page to do with it and see what people say

Good luck!


Leroy Said:

about renting a house in sydney?

We Answered:

offer to pay in advance for the full term of the rent contract, usually is 6 months

Leo Said:

Studying in Inner city suburbs of sunnyhill in sydney.where will be my suitable acccomdation? cheap and good?

We Answered:

I think you mean Surry Hills. As one of the other answers states, this area of Sydney is very expensive and you are very unlikely to find something for $100 week. Indeed, it might be difficult to find much in the extended Sydney area for $100 pw. However, you should have a look at which has a listing of rental properties and shared accommodation.

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