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Texas Student Housing

Julian Said:

Hey can anyone suggest me how to find some cheap and affordable student housing in arlington texas.?

We Answered:

Nope, sorry.

Albert Said:

where can i find student housing grants, financial assistance programs, etc. for texas schools?

We Answered:

Have you considered FAFSA? You can even apply online. See the link below.

Wanda Said:

Are there any universities in Texas that offer housing specifically for nontraditional students?

We Answered:

almost all universities have campus housing for families and adults. I'm sure texas is not different... but like everywhere else, their waiting lists are pretty long so it's just easier (and usually cheaper too) to get an off campus appartment.

April Said:

Is housing expensive, in Portland? College student moving there, from Texas.?

We Answered: caters to high priced apartments who can afford the fees for referral. Along the west coast, especially in the big cities like Portland, most housing is advertised and found on Craigslist.

Look there to see what is available, including roommates and boarding houses:

Carla Said:

How do you send the SAT scores to the Texas Student Housing Scholarship?

We Answered:

I found some info about getting this scholarship online in this scholarship database -

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