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Texas Tech Student Housing

Randall Said:

What are my chances to these schools with these credentials? Do I have a shot; will I get in?

We Answered:

Youl probably get in, looks like you hav e apretty good resema!

Toni Said:

Did you hear the horrible news about the 21 Students at Virginia Tech that were shot to death?

We Answered:

I think it was a tragedy first and foremost and my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

They were just sitting ducks with no way to defend themselves much like the victims of Colin Ferguson. Concealed-carry advocates warned us all long ago to expect tragedies like this as long as we have gun control.

When only criminals have guns the rest of us can only ponder tactics like "notifications."

In a state where concealed-carry is allowed or promoted, the loss of life could have been much less. He may have shot one or two, but a concealed-carrier would have dispatched him right quick.

Sadly there is no way to prevent a killer with a gun. In tribal Africa where there are no manufactured guns, tribesman make them from pipes and rubber-bands so clearly gun control is not the answer. You can make a gun out of wood in an hour! He could have stabbed just as many with a knife.

Since you will never stop the OFFENSE, we must allow ourselves a DEFENSE. We are not all of one culture anymore, so violence will only increase.

The only way to prevent these killing rampages is concealed-carry. Would you rather protect yourself or wait for the folly "notification?”

Misty Said:

Initial housing deposit at Texas tech?

We Answered:

we suggest you talk to the college this question to avoid any mistakes.

Debbie Said:

Question for SEC fans...?

We Answered:

yes, they are.

Velma Said:

Did u guys her about this today? Check it out..?

We Answered:

Thank you for the information, I hadn't heard about it until about 5 minutes ago. I didn't know the details, just that there was a shooting and a lot of people had died. This is so horrible, I feel for the students and the families of the dead. I pray God will comfort them.

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