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To Let Apartments

Oscar Said:

Why won't apartments let me pay for a lease in full?

We Answered:

Why not deposit all $12,000 into an escrow account, and have them issue payments on the date the rent is due.

Hilda Said:

Why don't some apartments let you have a 2 bedroom of you have a boy and a girl?

We Answered:

That may be illegal under federal discrimination laws.

It is none of your landlord's business who shares bedrooms. For all your landlord knows, you sleep in the living room on a hide a bed sofa and your kids will each have their own room.

Three people in a two bedroom apartment is not an issue of too many people in one space.

What if you were to buy a two bedroom home? It would be illegal to refuse to sell you that home because your son and daughter would share a bedroom.

Irma Said:

will apartments let you use the military discount if you are separated from your spouse?

We Answered:

That is up to your husband and the landlord. Your husband will not be on the lease so the military discount will not work.

Alberto Said:

Do most apartments let you aquire a roommate after your already moved in?

We Answered:

They must file an application with the office, but yes.

Elizabeth Said:

Does the letting agency legally require referencing from both tenants who live in a let apartment?

We Answered:

They have to do credit checks on the people whose names are on the lease, therefore, if your boyfriend and your names are on the lease, then they will have to do two checks. If, however, only your boyfriend's name is on the lease, then they will only do one check - him.

They do this so that they can decide if you are a "payment risk" eg if you have ccj's against your name then you are more likely to withhold rent and then run.

Decide what you want to do and inform them but be warned, if you and your boyfriend separate then he has the right to refuse you entry to the flat as technically he is the only one living there.

Beth Said:

Where can I find holiday apartments to let in Miami?

We Answered:

you should go to craigslist

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