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To Rent Flats

Lois Said:

a lot of people in London rent flats?

We Answered:

A cleaner or caterer earns approx £12000 per annum
You can only borrow 3 times your income (approx £40,000) to buy a property.
In london there are no property worth £40k
£200,000 is the average for a property
Meaning you have to be a single person earning approx £50,000 per annum

Priscilla Said:

Anybody rent flats in the newcastle upon tyne area?

We Answered:

loads man do u want city centre or outside the toon i live in shiremoor flat next door to my up 4 rent think its aboot 370pcm if u want more info e mail me

Tony Said:

Anyone ever used Notting Hill Proprieties to rent flats in London?

We Answered:

They are registered at Companies House but very recently. Registered address was changed on 31st July this year to 16 Lambton Place, so presumably they have only just opened.

Darryl Said:

Are there any flats that you can rent per home instead of per person?

We Answered:

as a land lord, except perhaps for a one room efficiency apartment, most places are designed for 2 people. i provide garbage removal, water, sewer, so i don't want 6 people in a place that is meant for 2.

obviously if the place you are interested in has 2 bedrooms, then it would of course be considered for at least 2 residents.

Brandy Said:

Does anyone know of a good website to rent studio flats?

We Answered:

try right move i wldnt trust gumtree me and my partner nearly got scammed by a nigerian scammer so gumtree isnt that safe at all.

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