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Toronto Student Housing

Russell Said:

New Years Eve in Toronto for teens?

We Answered:

How about a house party? Getting a room at a nice hotel will work. There is always a party going on. What are your thoughts? Email.

Eileen Said:

What type of structures should a (student) painting company target for sales? Other than houses?

We Answered:

bus stops, park benches, murals, schools, gov. property (councils), etc

hope that helps!

Ryan Said:

Can anyone recommend some inexpensive venues to host seminars in Toronto?

We Answered:

Go to the the city of Toronto community centers. It is not that much and you can bring in your own food and drinks. They are also all over the city and very close to the subways. Good luck.

Courtney Said:

How much is Berklee College Of Music Jazz Tuition for a Canadian student ?

We Answered:

For the Fall 2010 semester, tuition is $15,650. For a year, including fees and everything, you're probably looking at around $33,000.

Bryan Said:

Any good Lake houses in or around Toronto for the summer ?

We Answered:

Not possible. Any house on a Lake that you could rent is a long, long way from downtown.

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