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Tucson Student Housing

Alfred Said:

Student housing for retn in Tucson Arizona?

We Answered:

hi there,Pima Community College does not have dormitories or student housing. a couple of links for you to read through..…

fill in the details,or run your cursor over the little houses on the map for info..

regards pops..

Stacy Said:

How will the Dream Act make Ariz. jobless rate that rises to 9.7 percent in August how will The Dream Act?

We Answered:

The Dream Act will do nothing for anyone but the illegal aliens that use it.If it gets out of committee.
Its not a popular bill first because it cant stand along and old Scary Harry attached it to a military bill and the Don't Ask Don't Tell,so we shall see.There are many liberal Democrats that only want to hang onto their jobs when the midterm elections roll around in November.They sure dont want to rock the boat with this DA bill that benefits no one but the illegal aliens kids.Altho I read that people up to the age of 34 or 35 could apply for it too.One would thing that way before this person reached 35 he would have tried to get his status changed.But now hes going to get for free what legal immigrants work so long and hard for .Its just not right for these people to get amnesty for simply going to high school.I say it wont pass.How do you like then apples?

Dawn Said:

What do you think of this article on gun control?

We Answered:

I do not think much of the article, it is simply expressing an uninformed, or agenda-driven hypothesis which has no basis in reality. It seems like a typical liberal elitist attempting to tell the "common people" what is good for them, and how their lives should be run. The article displays a staggering amount of bias and ignorance, as well as a tendency to substitute opinion as fact. Americans recognize pathetic attempts such as this for what they are, a simple gun-grabbing technique, trying to hide behind a tragedy. The writer seems to care for nothing but banning firearms, and will certainly not let truth or logic get in the way. Amusing and pitiable tirade, but not worthy of serious consideration.

Diana Said:

How can a student with a part time job buy a house?

We Answered:

seek out a lease-purchase.
just for your interest--
call your county treasurer tomorrow and ask when their
next delinquent real estate tax sale is OR their
tax certificate sale is; you could be on your way to owning a house
for under $4k, without needing a mortgage.

Clayton Said:

How can lack of a fence be justified given the drop in crime in San Diego post-fence, and the need elsewhere?

We Answered:

Build it and patrol it. Get it done.
There are no excuses anymore. We are talking about stemming a destructive invasion of our nation. It's outrageous.
Build the fence now.

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