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U Of A Student Housing

Rosa Said:

how do u do a school exchange program?

We Answered:

look up websites on the internet that offer exchange student programs to Australia.
usually they have instructions to help get you started.
if I were you, I would look at those descriptions and make a detailed plan including the cost of the entire duration of your stay not including spending money, and show that to your parents.
They'll know you're serious when you show them your plan.
Hope I helped you, and there are many different agencies. Just google it and I'm sure you'll find plenty.

Antonio Said:

U.S student getting into a University in England..?

We Answered:

It'll be extra expensive because you're not British, I don't know prices in England but in Scotland for international students it's around £10,000 for most degrees and about double that if it's medicine. It's about 3/4 grand for EU students. Thank god we get funding here! You'll need about £500 a month for living, at least, so you probably need help from parents aswell as working because I don't think international students are entitled to funding. If you look at the website for the uni you're interested in they'll have an international students section that will tell you rough fee's. Entry requirements vary course to course, uni to uni, so again best bet is to look online. Halls are £60-£100 a week, flat share is cheaper. A cheaper option to experience England would be an exchange programme for a year.

Tommy Said:

Moving out of home and into student shared housing when u dont know how to cook, clean, etc.?

We Answered:

My advice would be to move out - you will learn to do these things because you will have to!

Buy a student cookbook and make sure you have instruction manuals for the iron and washing machine. You'll figure it out! Trial and error = life experience :)

Good luck!

Alan Said:

Can some one tell me the total cost to go to Miami U. Including housing and fees.?

We Answered:

last time i went was like 40,000 plus 10,000 for housing and all that. that was last year

Tracy Said:

do u know of any colleges that have student-family housing ?

We Answered:

These are just a few of the colleges/universities I found that offer family housing. My suggestion is to determine what your majors will be, find the schools that offer the best programs for those majors. Then contact those schools and inquire about family housing. They may have housing available that is not listed on the internet.

Mississippi State:…

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College:…

University of Minnesota:…

Wayland Baptist University:

Marlboro College:

North Carolina State University:…

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